Coronavirus and Public Health Facts v Fiction from an Actual Expert

Season 6 is off and running! How reliable is the information you’re getting on Coronavirus (COVID19)? Bill Culhane visited with Dr. Rodney Rohde, Texas State University’s Associate Director for Translational Health Research Initiative, Associate Dean for Research, CHP & Chair & Professor Clinical Laboratory Science. Since Coronavirus first became known, Dr. Rohde has become recognized, throughout many circles, as an authority on the subject.

In this episode, Dr. Rohde, our resident Public Health expert, weighs in on:

> The latest facts surrounding Coronavirus. Numbers, background, and opinions.
> Reasonable precautions everyone should understand and follow.
> At this point, are cancellations of events prudent measures or an overreaction?
> How does media help/hinder the dissemination of information?
> With Elections 2020 ongoing, what should candidates focus on in regards to Public Health?

In Crazy Bids, Rick Jennings found a bid that will have you howling like a junkyard dog!

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to listen.

Our Guest:

Dr. Rodney Rohde bio
On Twitter: @RodneyRohde

What’s next for Dr. Rohde:

> ASCLS Alaska Keynote (Globalization) & breakout presentation (Update on COVID-19) in April 8-10.
> AHE Iowa Regional Conference Keynote – Infection Prevention / Control Updates.
> ASCLS National Meeting

Resources mentioned in episode:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization
American Society for Microbiology
Link to invited articles by Dr. Rohde

For more information on bids / RFPs related to COVID-19, call us at 888.808.5356 or visit COVID-19 Bid Hub.

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