Procurement Month and Launch of Season 9 Celebrations

The Big Bid Theory Mar 29, 2023

So much to celebrate. For example, ‘The Big Bid Theory’ has returned. We launch Season 9 with a celebration of Procurement Month and all of the important work and contributions being made across the United States. Today, have you thanked somebody who is serving their community in a powerful, meaningful way?

Diana Landeros, a procurement specialist with the Arizona Department of Health Services, shares details on her journey in government purchasing and offers advice for those interested in an interesting, rewarding career. Diana wraps up her visit, our “magic wand” segment, by imparting a thought that we should all remember. Everyone.

Of course, Rick Jennings is back! That means that Crazy Bids you can win has returned. For this episode, Rick found a “sweet” bid. Yum.

All of that and more. A lot more!

Click below to LISTEN.

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