Unleashing the Strategic Impact: Government Working for MWBE and Small Businesses

The Big Bid Theory Jul 10, 2023

On this episode of "The Big Bid Theory" podcast, we dive into the question, "What is the strategic impact that local government can make?" We shift the focus to small businesses, emphasizing the notion that "government works for you." Our special guest, Denisha Harris, the Purchasing and Contracts Manager for the town of Cary, North Carolina, joins us to the opportunity for local government to support small businesses.

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As we discuss her journey to becoming Caryโ€™s Purchasing and Contracts Manager, Denisha's story reflects the importance of previous experiences and the guidance of influential individuals along the way.

With her involvement in various organizations, including being a speaker at NCAGP's event and serving on the North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper's Advisory Council on Historically Underutilized Businesses, Denisha has witnessed firsthand the transformative power of intentional inclusion. Together, we acknowledge the need for improved communication, transparency, and support for MWBE (Minority and Women Business Enterprises) and other small businesses in the public sector purchasing process.

In this episode, Denisha and Bill Culhane discuss a few of the opportunities and challenges faced by government agencies and MWBE businesses. Denisha passionately advocates for greater transparency, enhanced access to opportunities, and comprehensive assistance programs. By equipping MWBE businesses and fostering an inclusive environment, local governments can unleash their strategic impact and create a level playing field for all participants.

As a look ahead to us handing out tee-shirts (while supplies last) at NIGP Forum, Rick shares his favorite tee-shirt. Of course, he delivers another interesting, timely Crazy Bids you can win.

Join us for this enlightening conversation that highlights the ways in which local government can work hand in hand with small businesses. Discover how the government can truly serve as an ally, empowering and supporting entrepreneurs to thrive in the public sector. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Denisha Harris and explore the boundless possibilities when government truly works for you.

Our guest: Denisha Harris, Purchasing and Contracts Manager Town of Cary, North Carolina, Denisha.Harris@carync.gov

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