US Governments Speeding Towards 5G and Broadband Growth

How much are U.S. government agencies influencing the development, power, and availability of 5G? Very much.

Throughout the worlds of federal, state, and local government, 5G is being used to increase speeds and maximize coverage. The networks are growing and it isn’t just to enhance the internet surfing experience. Prepare the checklist. There are a number of applications for 5G, across many industries.

With this rise of 5G having a significant impact, the competition within the broadband market is grabbing headlines around the globe and from sea-to-shining-sea, in the United States. As Rick Jennings, a BidPrime industry analyst said, “The race is on.”

Some background. Here’s an excerpt from Kevin Henderson’s recently released report on 5G, “Users of mobile devices want to be able to send and receive more data, and they want them to upload or download faster. This is true of people who don’t work for government, but it’s especially true of those who do.

That’s why—as Stephen Hetzel (from BidPrime) and Gartner Inc. both have noted—the federal government in 2020 can be counted on to help increase worldwide 5G wireless network infrastructure revenue by 89 percent to $4.2 billion over 2019 revenues of $2.2 billion.

One reason the feds (states and local governments too) are buying 5G products, services, and solutions like there’s no tomorrow is that the faster speed and greater data-carrying capacity permits high-definition and even ultra-high-definition video surveillance without the need for a wired telecommunications infrastructure, such as fiber optics.

Likewise, the speed and capacity of 5G makes it possible to improve agency workflow and increase responsiveness to constituents’ requests for information. In other words, 5G facilitates higher quality service and makes for greater happiness all around.”

For the full report, ‘9 Industries Offering You Plentiful Growth Opportunities in 2020 Thanks to Very Strong Public-Sector Purchasing Activity’, go here.

What about the bids? In the above video, Rick Jennings, one of our resident experts on technology industries, shares some of his research and what he has witnessed over the past few years.

Active Sample Bids / RFPs

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